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Laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, cellular phones, all these high tech gadgets are choice of everyone nowadays. Well why not? There are a lot of things you can do with these gadgets. With them, you can surf the web anywhere, find out information about anything, capture anything you like and share it instantly to the whole world, be connected with your friends and family around the globe and always be a part of the web world. With all these things there is no reason for anyone not to dream having them. However not everybody can afford to buy these high-tech gadgets. Laptops in particular are generally very expensive. So you really have to work hard if you have plans of purchasing one. But what if you get a laptop for free? You might think it would be impossible for anyone to give free laptops but believe it or not there is a website where you can win absolutely free prizes like laptop, digital camera, camcorder, Ipod, USB drive, tshirts, bags etc by just answering easy quiz questions. And the best part is that during the process of winning these prizes, your knowledge also increases. If you have passion to win something on your own, then this is the site for you. is the rewards based quiz site where you can win prizes by just answering multiple choice quiz questions. All you need to do is play quizzes, earn points and redeem the points for the exciting prizes. You don’t have to compete with anyone to win the prizes. You just have to earn set target points so that you are considered for the prize. That also with no time limits which means there is no compulsion to play every day. Whenever you are free, just play, earn points and keep accumulating them until you reach the limit.

There are 16 categories of questions to choose like General Knowledge, Sports, Entertainment, History, Geography, Science, Maths, English, Literature, Politics, Business etc. If your knowledge in any of the above field is slightly better than average, then you can win a prize in less than a month. If not, you still win the prize, it just takes slightly more than a month. So there is nothing to loose. The questions are multiple choice type, so you just have to select and answer, so even sometimes you don’t know the answer, the fluke can work. The system also shows the correct answer if your answer is wrong, which means your knowledge keeps increasing with every new question.

Apart from playing quizzes, the site also offers different opportunities to earn points. You can earn points by submitting quiz questions and referring friends. You also get free points when you register on the site. So if you think, this site is worth your time, give it a shot. Register now at Quiznearn, play quizzes, earn points and win a free laptop. ? rewards based quiz site to win free prizes in India. Register, play quizzes, earn points and win prizes. Click?here for more details.

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